Building the Future

Wooden Spaces Evolution

It stems from the desire to move man towards a new concept of wooden architecture, a reality where the noble and natural characteristics of the material itself are enhanced, the sense of protection and intimacy that is generated through direct contact with nature.
Where life becomes a 360 ° experience in terms of well-being and housing quality.

What is Wooden Spaces Evolution

The pleasure of understanding matter by integrating it within a broader process that starts from the genesis of the idea. The emotion that comes from the desire to give shape, through the use of a noble material such as wood, to new forms of architecture; the instant lived wrapped in the scent of wood and the magical sensation of nature around us. Thus a new awareness is born: becoming part of a new professional path in harmony with nature. WSE processes and processes new wood technologies, expresses them through forms resulting from historical research, precise aesthetic ambitions and with a clear goal at the top: aiming at the dimension of excellence in terms of quality of life.

The final step

The well-being of wood ..

WSE is the spokesperson for a culture oriented towards wellness, to live well in harmony with nature, with the main objective of enhancing the potential contained within this ancient material with multiple facets and uses.

The Project

Ideas, drafts and dreams!

WSE was born from the desire to shift attention towards a new concept of wooden architecture, where the natural characteristics of the material itself, the sense of protection and intimacy are enhanced.


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