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SommA by Fernando Mosca, is the essential.
It is the addition of a few but significant volumes.
SommA is a “game” through which to give concreteness to the ideal place to live.

What is SommA

The dream of the house is transformed into a concrete emotional system where the practices add up and adapt better to your personality and your way of living everyday life.

The rhythms of their times are dressed in forms that become portions of spaces with environmental and functional qualities, arising from the fusion of thoughts, traces, shapes, materials, light, relationship with the surroundings, emotions and meaning

The project 

From the idea to the sketch ..

In this project, each volume has its precise meaning:
the closed volumes express intimacy and protection, the verandas harmony and relaxation; the intertwined volumes express welcome and movement. Finally, the glazed prism and the garden platform tell of integration and liveliness.

The final step

From dream to concrete!

“SommA” by Arch. Fernando Mosca, is an architectural solution for those looking for a home that adapts to their needs, modular and design, where life becomes an experience in terms of well-being, protection and intimacy.
SommA wants to spring emotions through lines, through spaces that are well suited to everyday lifestyle.


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